Posted by : Deepak Vasudevan Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Keep Internet Highway Clean

I like Orkut's slogan "Let us keep Orkut clean and beautiful". Similarly I feel a careful usage can ensure that the common Internet too is useful and clean of most sorts of paranoia. Though this is a very high level thing to visualize and almost utopian dream, we can encompass at least our common day-to-day email to embrace this discipline.

A few tidbits to practice:

  1. Avoid "Forward Forward Forward Forward" of emails. Often this is called as ChainMail and deemed on par junk mail (aka) spam.
  2. Before alerting your recipients on some vital information, ensure that the information is credible. You can be free of hoaxes by checking the most updated Hoax Slayer website
  3. Following up from (2) above, you can be free of virus information from a wide variety of websites. A few of them are:
    1. Sophos Latest Viruses Notification
    2. Symantec Antivirus Research uenter

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