Posted by : Deepak Vasudevan Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Focus Stealing in Desktop Applications

Windows is rich and cool in every new aspect. With every new version, it has a good new feature. My preferred version currently is Windows Server 2003, with rich IIS robustness and support. As far as the desktop nature is concerned, the only thing that I feel bad is that when you login to Windows, you are presented with a spurt of 'Startup Applications'. Typically every application that you install during the lifetime of Windows Installation on your hardware is actively vying for its share of startup. The same also applies to a Page_OnLoad in a WebPage.

Even as of typing this weblog, my other window running keeps running different popups and popunders and they keep dancing across the browser, distracting you from the force of typing the weblog. I am trying to investigate the option of having an application that controls other applications from running amuck in thier behavior.

And interestingly, this post closely forwards its predecessor, "Scripting Hell in WebPages and Optimal solutions".

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