Posted by : Deepak Vasudevan Friday, November 24, 2006

Catching Musical Relaxation in Dos Prompt

A few days back we were discussing about download avaiability of valuable MSDOS Utilities. Not just for system administrators but even for casual users, I would say, they are inevitable tool in thier workman's chest. Today I was relatively free and just was surfing through the weblogs and websites. Just fondly recalled about QBasic and its ability to even play musical notes by simple strings. For anyone to start off in IT field, I think QBasic would provide a firm quickstart.

We would here discuss four important and interesting features of QBasic.exe (You can download QBasic from the URL above).

  1. Beep
  2. Sound
  3. Play
  4. Games
Beep: As the name indicates, BEEP just produces a simple beep sound from your computer's default speaker.

Sound:Sound is a more extensible and configurable BEEP. It instructs your computer's speaker on the intensity of the BEEP sound and its duration.

Play: Play command is very versatile. It allows you to configure and play complex musical notes from your MSDOS application. ABCDEFG stand for the SA RE GA MA PA DHA NEE and you can increase or decrease the OCTAVE by > and < than symbols. Also you can adjust the tempo too.

Games: You can check out some of the games with QBasic from the following URL. Though a very simple command prompt language, I would say QBasic is very rich and complex programming for standalone PCs could be created.

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