Posted by : Deepak Vasudevan Monday, November 27, 2006

Interesting and Useful Features in FireFox

I am starting to develop a crazy love for Mozilla Firefox. There are many reasons. First and foremost, it streamlines the HTML that we develop, thanks to its inheritance from Netscape. A few of the good things I would like to share are:

  1. I personally feel that FireFox brings the best speed of browsing from Internet Explorer along with the strict XHTML compliance of Netscape.

  2. Furthermore, its isolated mode of install of not getting mixed up with OS so that even non-administrators can install FireFox. The installer does warn that installation might not be complete if the logged on user does not have administrative rights. But a careful folder selection passes through.

  3. The very useful web development aide tools that I like in FireFox are:

    1. JavaScript Console

    2. DOM Inspector

    3. Page Info

    4. I have'nt tried the FireFox 2.0 yet and hence I am refraining from commenting on those features.

  4. And today while accidentally clicking a MMS link, it did give me an interesting warning, which elevated my love to FireFox. Had this been the other Internet Explorer, it would have launched Windows Media Player and my bandwidth constrained ADSL modem should be worrying unnecessarily downloading the scrap whose link I created by mistake in half-asleep mode.

  5. And adding feather to its crown is that 'Launch Application' button is disabled for a couple of seconds so that the user concenterates on what is displayed rather than just clicking the button.

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